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Wedding Look and Feel 


Style and Design Ideas

You may already have ideas. We will always take them on board, never forgetting it is your event. Annie's Wedding Design will professionally assist you to define your wedding theme. If you do not have set ideas, or feel overwhelmed by all the suggestions around you, we will guide you through the process based on your feelings and taste.


We then create an ambiance board, which we will use to work with suppliers, so everybody involved with your event follows the same defined style. We will make sure we have the right vendors for you so that you don't worry, and you can relax and  be stress free.


 On the day of your wedding Annie & her team are present, to ensure every detail is taken care of, and the event runs smooth and efficiently. We want you to relax and enjoy your wedding from start to finish. We arrive at your event well in advance. We check the venue set up and supervise final arrangements with the suppliers. From the moment you and your guests arrive, we discreetly oversee the running of the day. We keep an eye on the schedule of events, and quickly resolve any problems that may arise. We are there in the background for any support you may need during the day.